Hello! My name is Aoife.

I'm a designer , facilitator  &  producer

based in London.


Empowering women  through sport

Campaign     |     Typography     |     Motion design

As a self-initiated project, I devised a typographic campaign aiming

to encourage women into the stigmatised sport of weightlifting.

The campaign is led by a bold typeface built from observations and understanding of the visual dynamic movements within the sport.

This devised from in-depth research, interviews and investigations. Initial research uncovered two juxtaposing facts: weightlifting holds unique and incredible health benefits, and yet there are massive gender imbalances. This campaign aims to empower and signify both the strength and sense of achievement that weightlifting can give.


I aimed to visually address this disparity by targeting concerns and audiences through targeted outputs. Across digital platforms and in printed posters placed in gyms and local communities, the campaign offers information on local weighltifting classes and aims to inspire new engagement in the sport. Posters use phrases from initial research, conveying personal informal insight.

Animated type gives life and movement to the naturally playful campaign. Whilst a printed typographic specimen epitomises the power of each letter. This fold-out specimen was created through

riso and letterpress printing - emphasising weight and strength.

Lemons for refugees

For refugees, a lemon can be a vital tool to aid seasickness on a journey to asylum. As part of a campaign for Amnesty International, hundreds of lemons were handed out to commuters across London, as a symbol for safe passage. Here, the everyday object of a lemon  represents hope. The entire campaign was warmly welcomed by the public and through this we collected signatures of support pleading the government to take action.

Social campaign     |     Interactive    |     Digital design

The installation was accompanied with a live social media campaign and a website with resources and food recipes using lemons.


Penguin House  poster series

Typography     |     Installation

A poster design for Penguin House book release of 'On Tyranny' written by Timothy Synder. At a large scale, the design cuts, repeats and disorientates words as visual depiction of dominance, political power and instability. The poster (Chapter 13), forms part of a complete set of chapters, exhibited in London and across America.

Art direction: Borders

Photography    |     Research     |     Publication

A visual exploration of angles and attitudes on the theme of borders. Research concluded with three different perspectives, presenting overlaps, raising questions and remaining open for interpretations.

Photographic art directed outcomes are collectively viewed in a publication, sitting alongside harsh typographic opposing narratives. This publication uses folds to create snapshot views, force interaction and contrast opinions.  |   Project in collaboration with Grace Lister.

Art direction: Brexit

A visual exploration of Brexit through outputs of food photography and corresponding typography.


As Brexit evolves, changes and dismantles, the monthly photographic series is ongoing, existing as a website. Each monthly image follows the process, starting with research and conversations, translating words into food, and art directing images to be narrative driven.

Photography     |     Research     |     Web design

Within this self-initiated project, my role includes monthly research, art direction and managing content. With  consideration of output,

I constructed a website as a medium to allow for constant uploads and act as a reflective timeline as Brexit unfolds.


The series began following the Brexit vote in June 2016. When Brexit

is finalised, we intend to complie the series as a collective will be into a printed format. Project in collaboration with Eden Mitchell.

Protest Press

Workshops    |     Social engagement     |     Public speaking

Protest Press is a design collective running creative workshops with the purpose of engaging conversation and evoking positive change. Our workshop process develops understanding of topics, builds language and applies creative methods to make posters powerful both visually and lyrically. The workshops are purposefully rooted in paper, making the process of making universal and inclusively open for all.


Protest Press was founded in 2018 under the principle that creativity can achieve positive change. To date, we have run educational workshops, culture events and exhibited in international shows.

Workshop posters

Delivering educational workshops expanding understanding of art

Workshop facilitation    |     Research     |     Participatory design


With the aim of inspiring, expanding ways of seeing and learning, these workshops challenged what 'art' could be and could achieve.

Workshop included referencing and creating a modern interpretation of techniques used by local artists such as JMW Turner with school groups, and an printmaking intergenerational project working with both young kids and a nursing home group.

Design talk series

Production     |     Research     |     Public speaking     |     Infographics

Following my interest and experience of a lack of women figures in the creative industry, I decided to take action and start a design talk series targeting the subject of inequality. The event series celebrating women of creative talent derived from the importance of being surrounded and uplifted by great role models. For this I organised speakers, liaised with university union to run alongside International Women's Day, branded and promoted the event.

Live illustrations from the talks.

Alongside the event series, I established a digital archive of work by Kingston School of Art past and present women students. This digital archive exists as a website with submitted content and is supported with a mentorship scheme aiming to both empower and raise under-represented creative voices.


A visual identity for both the digital archive and event series rose from research and statistics surrounding creative gender inequalities.

Producing at Battersea Arts Centre

Programming     |     User experience     |     Print design

I constructed signage from leftover materials, fitting with our sustainably conscious theme. The signage allowed for flexibility, from showing what was currently on display to importantly allow for artist feedback. To overcome the large scale of the building, I used a colour coded system to support ease of navigation. Coloured tape was used on signage and across floors to guide visitors around rooms. Equally supportive, I created large spatial projections to showcase both event schedules and room colours.

Graduate festival

Exhibition design     |     User experience     |     Print design

For our graduate degree show - Kingston Graphics Weekend 2018 -

I took on a multi-faceted role producing the event. Underpinning the event, was the notion of questioning what an exhibition could be and creating a four-day event showcasing the depth of graphic design.

Strong consideration was given to the audience experience, forming

a curated display exhibiting the year groups playful multidisciplinary creative approach. Our event was visited by over 1,000 people.

We designed catalogues and hand screen-printed invites, forming a presence of tactility and craft. Monotone catalogue pages used folds to construct a unique, efficient and precise output.

Aoife O'Doherty


Hello! I'm Aoife O'Doherty.




I am a people-led designer, motivated by the positive impact and empowerment creativity can achieve.




Within multi-faceted roles,

I apply a creative problem solving approach to improve user experience and deliver meaningful communication.


I specialise in project management, co-creation workshop facilitation, idea

generation and research.




Please get in touch via:




My name is Aoife O'Doherty.




I am a people-led designer, motivated by the positive impact and empowerment creativity can achieve.





Within multi-faceted roles,

I apply a creative problem solving approach to improve user experience and deliver meaningful communication.


I specialise in project management, co-creation workshop facilitation, idea

generation and research.




Please get in touch via: